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Songs (and other prep) for ATG free bass exam (level 3)


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Nov 26, 2018
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California, US
I'm not done with the prep yet. But leaving these here to document my progress for the the exam.

Repertoire: 3 free bass songs to be selected from a larger list. I've picked the 3 songs I'm going to learn. Two of them are original compositions by my teacher Joe Natoli. The third one is Bach's Jesu Joy of man's desiring arranged for the free bass by my teacher.

I've memorized one song (missing my pet) but it needs more work on the tempo and smoothness. I can play Jesu Joy with the sheet music but I need to memorize it and improve the tempo. The third song (riding my bicycle) needs a lot of work since I just started working on it.

Here's the latest videos on the first two songs.

1) I can play the A major scale in two octaves hands together in similar motion. I'll film a video sometime later.
2) the same with Eb but I'm still not doing it at the same tempo as the A major yet.
3) F# and C minor (harmonic and melodic minor). These are played separately on left and right hand. The left hand part is almost ready but the right hand needs work.
4) Inversions: there are some more requirements for this section but I haven't gotten to it yet.

Choose one exercise from a list of options. I got the Bela Bartok book from which I'll be playing the required exercise. Haven't started to work in this yet

Need to learn the list of musical terms and concepts that are listed in the syllabus for level 3 (and all lower levels)
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I really admire your dedication Breezy, inspiring. I’ve been half a** working on Jesu for many years on Stradella, one of my wife’s go to whistling tunes. In my list for this summer if I make it. Anyway, good luck to you!
This is the third song I chose for the Repertoire section. This has an interesting left hand finger technique to play fast repetitive notes. I've used a similar technique on the right hand but this is the first time I'm trying it on the left hand.

This song is called Riding my bicycle and it was composed by my teacher Joseph Natoli.

I previously posted about the songs for the Repertoire section of the exam. In this video, I play the scales, triads, 4 note form and arpeggios for the technical test section of the exam.

Last update was ten days ago.

This is the current state of things for the level 3 exam.

I've made considerable progress with the technical section. I Can now play all the required scales at the required tempo.

I'm also able to play the A and Eb major triads (broken and solid) at tempo.

the other two minor triads (F#m and Cm) are still a work in progress. last time I hadn't started on these, so it's an improvement that I'm actually playing these now.

The four note form is still being worked on. 2 octave arpeggios are also coming along nicely.

2 out of 3 required songs are almost ready. this one still needs more time.

Haven't started in the single required exercise and the theory sections yet.

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