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Music sheet of Erica by Herms Niel and more march songs


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Feb 14, 2023
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USA, Ilinois
Hello everybody,

I was wondering, does anyone has a music sheet arrangement of German March Erica by Herms Niel arrange for the accordion?

Or knows where I could get one?

Here is a link to a musecore arrangement, but it is for the piano, and is kind of difficult to learn.

Actually, I would like to learn more military marches, so I would appreciate any suggestions of books for accordions (or piano) that have a collection of them.

Thanks for your time and attention.
There has got to be a book of them somewhere.
I ran across some examples online and downloaded them last October. Among other things, I have scans of Nibelungen-Marsch (Sonntag), Preußens Gloria (Piefke) and the Yorckscher March (Beethoven), all copied out of the same book - marked "Schott, B-S-S 34716" at the bottom of the page. I'd give better than even odds that it's a book of German marches arranged for accordion. But can any of us find a book that's probably been out of print for 50 years?

I can't find the site I got the scans from again, either.

For piano there are some options on IMSLP. For instance, Carl Loewe's Hohenzollern-balladen und Lieder, including 'Fridericus Rex' for piano and voice (the melody line for voice, of course).

And there are a million John Philip Sousa arrangements for accordion, if you will settle for US marches.
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Is this it?🤔

This is the only arrangement I have found so far.

Mostly for piano. I can figure the treble side but I am not sure how to acompany the bass. The harmonization on the accordion sounds amazing.