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FX1X Strange Sound

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Apr 15, 2021
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Athens, Greece
Hi folks, go a friend who bought a brand new FR1X and she is getting a banging sound on the bass side. Is this something anyone has seen before? Roland say its the first time they have seen such behaviour..

This appears after one hour of playing and after that it does not go away..
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Try a system reset?
System reset was done by the official service, but after one hour of playing this keeps coming back..This instrument was bought in February and since then it is coming and going to the service..
Warrenty replacement?
We are working on that aspect, the reselling company does not want to replace, and now they offered to change the electronic plaquette within, without though any guarantee that it will be fixed, since this is something they do not recognise (why change it then??).

Thought i d write here if anyone had similar issues and ways to handle it with the instrument (but also roland company)..
Sorry for your problems, DI and I hope you find some resolution. I would demand replacement, if they've screwed around this much and haven't fixed it they never will. Good luck!
i agree.. demand a replacement or your Euro's refunded

if they are an authorized roland dealer, they cannot refuse
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