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roland fr-1x

  1. N

    Buying the Roland FR-1X in 2022 - is Rolland discontinuing it?

    Dear community, I am planning to get a Roland FR-1X to practice during the night with headphones. However, checking its release date, I saw that the FR-1X has been in the market since 2012 (10 years!!). For any electronic device, that's a rather long time. So much has evolved since then (USB-C...
  2. P

    Faulty FR-1X button 1 (classic enable )

    I've noticed recently that this button often needs a bit of persuasion before it engages but now it appears to have completely given up on me. I assume that there is a rubber membrane beneath and may just need the carbon circuit board contacts cleaned. I'm pretty techie so this sort of work...
  3. D

    FX1X Strange Sound

    Hi folks, go a friend who bought a brand new FR1X and she is getting a banging sound on the bass side. Is this something anyone has seen before? Roland say its the first time they have seen such behaviour.. This appears after one hour of playing and after that it does not go away..
  4. N

    FR-1xb settings question

    Hi--I'm new to the forum and new to accordion. I've wanted to learn the bayan for a while, and after buying two inexpensive ones online that were represented as playable but weren't, I decided to get a Roland FR-1xb, which can do a bayan keyboard layout, sound, and also alternate between...
  5. S

    Roland FR1x Bellow Problems, Uneven Pull to Push Ratio

    Hey everyone, I just got a fr1x and everything felt way off between pulling and pushing in order to achieve an even volume. I was pulling about a 7 out of 10 and pushing at about 3 to achieve even volumes. This weird dynamic makes changing directions very unnatural. Fixed the bellow curve from...
  6. D

    Free bass on V-accordion

    I share the goal expressed by others on the forum to present the accordion as a modern instrument, not limited to oom-pah styles. Since purchasing my Roland FR-1x, I have been working on a piece by Faltermeyer to explore some areas that were previously out of my reach. In particular, the...
  7. AdamJoseph

    Roland FR-1x growling noise.

    I have not played my fr-1x in a few years. I typically play my acoustic or fr-4x. I decided to break it out for some fun. Some of the treble keys are making a strange growling noise. I did a global reset and this did not help. Any thoughts?