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Russian miniature accordions with extra chromatic notes


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I have spotted 2 interesting photos on the Russian social network vk.com.
It's about mini garmoshka cherepashka accordions by the Russian maker Semjon Blinov.

He posted the photos the 31th march in 2017 and the other one on 10th december 2019

I don't know if any of you are both Facebook members and VK members. I hesitate to create a new profile on vk.com, because I don't speak Russian (I use google translate ).

Is it possible as a FB member to send an email to Semjon Blinov's VK profile?
I found an old email adress under one of his YouTube videos, but don't know if it is still active.

I can't find his website http://garmoshki-cherepashki.ru via Google.
I would like to ask him some questions about his instruments, but don't have an email adress.

Anyone has experience with the Russian social network VK as a Facebook member?

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