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New to this instrument


Dec 20, 2020
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Hello everyone!
I picked up the piano accordion about a year ago to be able to play some tunes I wasn't able to on my main instrument (uilleann pipes). Whilst the piano accordion is a controversial instrument in irish music (to say the least!), I have always enjoyed it when it is played well and I haven't regretted my choice... And with the whole pandemic thing, I probably picked the best time to learn a new instrument! Instrument wise, I started on a chinese model, and moved on to an 1960s Paolo Soprani (34/72, 2 voices) I acquired a few months ago - serious step up in terms of quality and playability. I also acquired a small Hohner Concerto (26/48, 2 voices) I was intending to use for short time travels abroad but that was before what unfolded in the past months.

Looking forward to learn from the knowledgeable people, and to give my input where I can bring something!

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