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Hi all.
I'm from Cleveland, Ohio USA area. (out in the burbs).
I'm a senior and a late starter with the accordion---very late, but working at it, and having a good time---or maybe that is a bit
of a stretch-------"trying" to have a good time with the accordion might be closer to the point.
I really enjoy reading the posts, and I find much of it quite informative,. I see there is a wealth of knowledge, and talent gathered here,
and I can see this as a tremendous resource.
Thank you all.
Good to be able to join
On April 4, 2020, several intrepid members of The Maryland Accordion Club *went where none of us had gone before: We launched our first WEB-SPACE ZOOM monthly meeting.* (The photo below captures that meeting.) Twelve months later, we've convened 14 times: 10 monthly meetings, 3 special events, (two with the Baltimore County Public Library ) and our first-ever Winter Holiday recital. Our numbers rose to around 23 participants (about the number we'd see in a "normal" meeting) and fell to about a dozen. Every meeting has been filled with music. We've welcomed new members; come to appreciate everyone who participated; and always wish those we haven't seen in several months good health and happiness.

We meet again via ZOOM on Saturday, April 3. You're welcome to invite others to the meeting. PLEASE copy me if you forward this meeting information. The meeting room opens at 1:45 to meet and greet. We begin playing around 2pm. We've been playing about 2 hours (rather than 3) but keep the round robin moving until we aren't bobbin' anymore!
Time: Apr 3, 2021 02:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting

You're welcome to perform, applaud, and encourage participants via computer or over the phone.
You can listen or play on your *phone* without video by calling 1 301 715 8592
When you call in, you'll need to enter the
Meeting ID: 865 2216 3282
Passcode: 958006


  • We missed celebrating the club's 18th *birthday* last month but we look forward to the possibility of being together in person a few months farther along in 2021.
  • Joe is on the sidewalk in Annapolis broadcasting accordion enthusiasm every sunny Saturday (including April 3). If you're out and about in that area with your smartphone on Saturday, you can connect with us as well! Joe's excited about the possibility of playing in the Catonsville Independence Day Parade and will have more information in a few weeks.
  • The Mount Airy Mainstreet Association has invited us to kick off their OKTOBERFEST in September!

DonnaMarie Fekete
Accordion Advocate

Maryland Accordion Club

Joe Fertitta, President
Darren Dzielski, Secretary
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Thanks for that invite, Ventura. Your club must be paying for the full Zoom version. Ours here will be limited to 40 minutes, as I will be using the free version. I have company this weekend so will not participate, but I will try to join your club zoom another time to see how it operates. I am thinking of starting my second accordion club in my new area this summer when we can meet together outside.
PS. My friend sells Porsches in Catonsville, must be a nice area ?, I imagine everyone plays a Super 6.
Donna Marie is the power behind the Zoom for Md Acc Club

if you can get her a free birthday ride in a carerra that would be nice !
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Thanks, let me see what I can do.....
Not sure if you're still looking but if so I'm in Oakville
Hi Valski,it is very hard to find other accordionists in this region. I am a student,not very adbpvanced. Do you teach or have the opportunity to play often?
Hello Alans,
Playing the accordion is a hobby and it de-stresses me. I've been playing for a long time and have no doubt picked up bad habits but would like to say that I'm beyond the beginner level. I'm working from home for the past year and hoped to practice more, but would estimate that I spend about 45 minutes daily on average.

In my "real job ", I work with some professional musicians and most definitely don't play as well as they do, but can carry a tune well enough to fool the uninitiated. I have a couple of friends who I am helping to learn how to play but don’t do lessons so to speak because I fear teaching the same bad habits that I've picked up over the years .

I own a Roland Fr8x and a Roland bk7m orchestra module. For many years I played acoustic accordions but never was quite satisfied with the tuning. This instrument allows me to have a variety of sounds which is quite desirable. From time to time I play at parties and picnics and anniversaries, mostly because I enjoy it.

How long have you been playing and what types of music do you like? It's important to play what you enjoy as it will be easier to learn. Don't want to bother you with too many details just yet, but perhaps some time we could try to figure out how compatible we are musically.
I was in Paris before the pandemic started and noticed the lack of street musicians who played accordion. It was very sad because such a beautiful city deserves beautiful music. ?
I was in Paris before the pandemic started and noticed the lack of street musicians who played accordion. It was very sad because such a beautiful city deserves beautiful music. ?
Yes, sadly accordion is less and less popular in France, esp within the young generation ... But we still have an important community of accordionist (there's an exchange platform for accordionist with over 38 000 members, a true goldmine for accordion music sheet) and some managed to break codes and sneak their accordion in new music style (like "Fixi" for example in reggae with winston McAnuff and in Hip with Java)
Thanks Bertrand, good to see the accordion in current styles.
Thanks Bertrand, good to see the accordion in current styles.
Indeed :)
We had a revival of the accordion when French song came back to fashion in the late 90s and early 2000s with artists like Têtes Raides, Les ogres de barback, La Rue Kétanou, etc ... The most famous being Yann Tiersen for Amélie Poulain. It did good for the French accordion and re-filled the deserted accordion classes and lessons a bit ...

If you are looking for accordion sheet music for French music (and more), www.accordions-scores.com is a very good resource ;) (tho it's a fair yearly suscription, it's not free. But there is a trial period with access to the sheet music)

Instruments come and go over the millennia (sticks and stones, to leather brass and steel, to electronics) but the music flows on! ??
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