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Anyone In Dumfries & Galloway (Scotland) With Roland V Accordion Up For A Chat
Anyone in Cologne? I am kinda new to the city anyway! I have never really met other players here just some buskers. Everyone plays guitar.
I live near Saint Malo on the north coast of Brittany, France. If anyone comes this way, please get in touch. The only accordions I've seen round here are the traditional wooden diatonic ones !
Thank you, Dunlustin - no I haven't heard of them before. From their website, they are very much traditional players, as are all those I have come across so far. The diatonic and Breton dancing seem to go together and most of it seems to happen further west than us. Finistère, the most westerly department in France, is far more into the accordion and traditional dancing than our area (sadly). But then Saint Malo is the home of the Corsaires, who pirated for the king and the songs and tunes around here are very much in that theme, or fishing. England also had its corsaires - men like Drake and Raleigh collected booty for Queen Elizabeth I (and no doubt kept plenty for themselves !)
I'm in Lanarkshire in deepest Scotland - 20 miles south of Glasgow. Always nice to get to know others.....
I live in Ferrara, in Italy. I don't think there's anyone from this area here, but I try.
Hello all,
I'm looking for a slow session in UK:
Lancs including Manchester and Liverpool, Cheshire, and W Yorks.
I'm a beginner on the PA/BA but know plenty of tunes.
Live in Ilford,Essex ,U.K.interested to meet other members in ilford area .
Hi, I'm living in Dublin, Ireland, and play Roland V-accordions, principally the FR8X.
At present I am having problems with my 8X, but that is for another topic. I joined in 2015 when I owned a 3X, but have never followed this forum much.
Wondering if there are any other 8X owners near me in Dublin ?
noisyfellow post_id=18642 time=1407851978 user_id=208 said:
Or Walthamstow, Northeast London. Im about during the day, quite often.

Hi noisyfellow I am in Walthamstow Village 73 with Hohner Concierto and Verdi
Hook up perhaps
Hi Folks:
Great idea to invite others to gather.
It appears as though the forum attracts accordionist---and those wishing to be--from around the globe.
I am in the Cleveland, Ohio USA area and would look to meet up with any of you folks traveling to these parts.
As a reminder, we are home to the Rock-n Roll Hall of Fame, so you are visiting, lets try to make contact.
From a musicians point, not sure what I could share, as I am pretty much a beginner, but I certainly am a lover
of music.
Could I ask everyone to add theur location to their forum profile please?
This would help not only for meeting up, but for people offering assistance, "for sale" items, etc. It doesn't have to be to specific, i.e. your address, but Town/County/State and Country would be good.