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Best (or at least good) external microphone for accordion


Sep 20, 2021
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Hello Guys,
I have been always using Shure SM58 microphone as external amplification for the treble side of my accordion. Do you agree on this one? As anyone experience with something similar/better?

For the bass side, what do you normally use?


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Nov 29, 2021
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Midwest United States
It seems that most pros these days are going to paired gooseneck mounted small condenser microphones for the treble side. Such an arrangement should produce a higher fidelity signal than the dynamic sm58. Of course they will also likely need more eq to pull out some of the frequencies that are unflattering for the accordion. The SM58 may sound nicer if the Amplifier doesn’t have much eq control.

One thing to consider with the SM58 is that it is known for being affected by proximity effect so the bass gain changes with distance from the sound source (too close its booming and further away it sounds too thin) The SM57 may be a better option if that becomes a problem.

Currently I just use the 3 treble dynamic microphones built into the grill of my SEM and I have to turn the mid and highs down and the bass up on the amp to keep it from getting shrill. Many of the tube amps from the 50s/60s that were marketed for accordions are pretty dark sounding compared to ones marketed for guitar which use capacitor values to make them brighter.

I can’t speak much about the left hand as I generally don’t amplify it. instead amplifying the sounds from my midi controlled virtual instruments for the left hand. If I was amplifying the left hand I would want it on a different channel so I could apply a unique eq to it.


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Nov 7, 2017
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I never ask for more than a simple vocal mic for live use (to augment my internal pickups and give sound guys more control)
you won't go wrong with 58's of 57's on either side

you could experiment with brighter dynamics such as the Beta58 or even the cheap but good AKG D5, but then your pickup pattern will be more narrow, so you need to know how to sit still and/or 'work' the mic

with a quiet audience goosenecks or condensors on stands (like KM184's) are my preference

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