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Accordion Clubs


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Apr 30, 2013
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Derbyshire, UK
Quite some time ago someone was going to compile a list of accordion clubs, but for various reasons it never happened. So I thought I'd start the ball rolling in setting up this club list. If you know of any others, with available contact details, please post them below and I'll add them to this post as the main list:


Maryland Accordion Club
Joe Fertitta, President
Darren Dzielski, Secretary
DonnaMarie Fekete, Accordion Advocate (MAC FB Administrator)

virtual events and meetings being held with some success,,
currently on Summer Hiatus until the fall
all are welcome
A word or two of caution from personal experience.

I tried to contact one of the clubs listed above. I visited their website and contacted them via email, telephone and social media, all to no avail.

By coincidence, a dear friend of mine had a very similar experience. He had exhausted every available method to contact them, and had also drawn a complete blank.

One evening, whilst perusing their website, I noticed a plaintive post on the club's social media page. The author of this message, who was unknown to me, left a post asking for someone to contact him. I sent him an email the same day, and received a response which mirrored my own experiences precisely.

I have since heard that this club is desperate for new members. Given their absolute disregard for genuine enquiries, this comes as no surprise to me. One thing is for sure ........... I won't be bothering with them.

I wrote about this quite a long time ago on here, and can recall that other members were aware of this unsatisfactory situation.

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It's very frustrating and disappointing when clubs and other organisations can't be bothered to reply to enquiries. Doubtless there is a committee that regularly laments the lack of new blood..
I should say we had many fine times at the Burgess Hill accordion club when it was running. Internal "difficulties" caused it to founder.
I’d say we have a pretty good club right here!
But let’s see what the “offline” world can muster...I’m inviting all the Montana members (I think there may be 3 of us) to a social distancing, accordion playing lunch. Any takers?
Hi Hais,

I contacted this particular club about four years ago, and I'm still awaiting their reply. I used every means they provided to contact them, as did two other people who contacted them at the same time.

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Hi Eddy,

Good luck with your efforts to get Montana based accordionists together. If I lived in Montana, I would definitely be up for it.

Kind Regards,

In Montana I heard the Kalispell club folded. The Five Valleys club stopped meeting in March. I don't know what they're going to do now. It was a playing and dancing club, the dancing being very important to the endeavor and that's out right now due to covid and the average age of the members.

I think Great Falls also has a club.
Can’t find any contact info for the Great Falls Club. There was even an accordion store in Great Falls in the 90s. Lasted 2 years, then he moved back to California.
Can’t find any contact info for the Great Falls Club. There was even an accordion store in Great Falls in the 90s. Lasted 2 years, then he moved back to California.

I found two names in our newsletter. I can send it to you if you dm me your address. But I'm sure things are pretty dire at the moment.
Thanks for this useful list, knobby. I see that there are several clubs near me here in the NW of England. Hopefully once Covid is out of the way I'll be able to go along to one - it would be nice to be able to meet other accordionists in person.

I belong to Roxy's Accordion Band (club) based out of Batavia NY, USA. We have a monthly rehearsal (open to all levels), and those of us who can perform play nursing homes, festivals, etc. I had a hard time contacting the group at first but was finally able to get ahold of them through the FB page . There is a website for the Western NY accordion club: https://wnyaccordions.org/, but it isn't kept up to date and my attempts to reach someone through it didn't pan out. The music store that used to sponsor the Roxy's Accordion Band is no more after the passing of the owner Rose Caccamise.