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Hohner Arietta IB - sounding with no buttons pressed!

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Hohner Arietta Ib

Help please. I bought my mom a 2nd-hand Hohner Arietta IB and it sounded fine at first but then when I got back home and I gave it to her the 1 note was sounding with no buttons pressed - it sounded like a black key (on the piano side))i took off the treble grille and couldnt see anything obvious - replaced the grille but it still does the same thing! Any suggestions? Thx
Hi Mossie; Lets try to isolate your problem. We know you have a treble valve leaking, so may I suggest you go here AND GIVE A CAREFUL READ !! -- http://www.accordionrevival.com/ACCORDION_REPAIR1.php#Is_it_time_to_re-valve_the_treble_side ? -- When is it time to re-valve the treble side.
You just might find a solution to your dilemma in this chapter. If not, get back with more ???s
P.S. And are you really sure the leaking valve is on the treble side ???
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