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Considering upgrade to FR-8 - opinions?

Because the 4X came out a few years after the 8X, I suppose.

Yeah probs I guess, but it's a deal killer for for the FR8, as small as it is. I was planning on using the iPad pianos and EPs (Ravenscroft and NeoSoul) to cover the average sounds (keyboards) on the accordions. And they are not much better on the BK-7m tbh.

Unless I completely change around and forget using pianos at all of course haha - bit difficult with the jazz bands I am in though :(

....oh an in response to my earlier question??? re what you are using for your wi-fi audio?
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There you go... a little luck never hurts!

"I link all my charts (iPad) to the song setups on my instrument so when a chart is loaded, the song setup is loaded on the device/s at the same time."

I've got that setup and working all nice and wireless for the last year or so... its INVALUABLE to a gigging musician.

Though my song collection is likely not as extensive as yours (perhaps only a couple thousand songs), I could not see NOT using it on a paid gig.
Is it possible to keep the orchestra and organ sounds at a set volume while using the bellows only for the accordion volume?
Is it possible to keep the orchestra and organ sounds at a set volume while using the bellows only for the accordion volume?
It is but the first way I see this happening is via separate pedals and some Bluetooth programming. I do not do this, and don't have a need for this so don't do it. Our friend on this board Larry here does this.

Now, I am also fairly sure that there is some way to set specific fixed volumes in the programming for the orchestral sounds

I've temporarily moved away from the digital accordion to the acoustic for a bit, today I was futzing with my imperator and an old binder of German music and kind of want to stay in this direction for a bit. I am sure that the 8X will and all the playing with the options wil lcome back soon enough!
Cor me that audio input jack is a life saver. I didn’t even know about it when I bought my 4x it I play the bk7m backing module through the accordion speakers using that input jack. I’ve also made my bk7m battery powered so I am totally mains power free. Works for me. It my setup is pretty simple, sounds like the op really need all the bells and whistles.
I am seriously contemplating moving up from the FR4 to the FR8. I've read the specs and glanced at the manual, however I'd like to get some "real-world" opinions from folks who have made such a jump.

Was it worth it?
Did the extra functions and capabilities make a big difference?

And so on....

The current Fr4 I am leasing, but I can buy it for $3500 (AUD) the FR8 I can get for $7500 (AUD) so it is a MAJOR jump in price, albeit both are used.
Best price I can get for a new one is about $8400.
The used one I am looking at is about 2 years old....do these Roland FR series instruments hold up well over time?
I've noticed a few squeaks and vibrations/rattles on this FR 4 which I think is about 3-4 years old.

Please feel free to air honest opinions, good or bad. I'd like to hear both


I have a 4x. I don’t have an 8x, nor would I want one. The size and weight wouldn’t go well with this aged body. But having said that, I recognize that the 4x has a few shortcomings when compared to the 8x.

For me, a lot of the functionality of the 8x that is contained in the 4x is hidden in a menu system that isn’t helped by the display on the 4x. True, the editor software can make up for a lot of it. But the same functions are easily accessible on the 8x’s screen without the need for editor software.

If I were 40, even 20 years younger, I’d be more comfortable going with an 8x.
Is it possible to keep the orchestra and organ sounds at a set volume while using the bellows only for the accordion volume?
You can set the volume for the Orchestral, Tonewheel Organ, and Accordion sounds from -40 to +40. The bellows will still control the volume of all three relative to each other.

Certain orchestral tones such as Piano, Vibes, and Church Organ can be set to “Fixed” while the Accordion is controlled by the bellows. You get to this by selecting: Orchestra Edit -> Controllers -> Orchestra Touch.
The Orchestra Touch choices are:
Fixed Low
Fixed Med
Fixed High
Fixed Low + Bellows
Fixed Med + Bellows
Fixed High + Bellows
Bellows Only
Note: Some Orchestral sounds, such as Clarinet, do not allow for Orchestral Touch choices. These will be “blanked out” in the Menu selection. To find out which Orchestral sounds can be "Fixed" you just have to try them out.