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Bass register switches "repeated" on Excelsior


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Jul 16, 2014
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Thanks for the answers.
What are the bass registers for a new professional accordion? These are? I tried to compare it with my registers (Comparing with this image) and it was not equal to any othe than the master. Do my registers have a "name"?
This chart nicely illustrates my point about the lower reed sets: there is no register that has just the lowest two dots because you need one of the higher dots in order for the chords to produce sound. In this accordion it may even be that the lowest three reed banks only play with base notes, because there is an offset between the lower and the upper three (observing the holes) so it's unlikely that the pallets for the chords cover anything but the highest three reed banks. That makes the depicted registers a bit odd (unlikely to have two of the highest dots as the chords would sound too high. It's more likely that there are two reed banks (one low, one higher) that have the octave jump at a different note to hide where the octave jump is.

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