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Useful Tutor/Music Books


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Apr 6, 2015
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Before I started learning to play the PA I had good intentions to learn to play a melodeon. My wife plays a C/G diatonic for French and Breton Dance, having very little musical knowledge we thought it would be a good idea to get a tutor book, eventually we stumbled across Accordeon Diatonique Methode Complete Vol 1 by Yann Dour. Hopeless. I was defeated by the in and outy business of the Diatonic and I found the just play by ear attitude of some of our more musical friends really annoying as well. I would if I could! :hb

Some time later Helen suggested I try a PA. The piano part of the title reminded of horrible, horrible music lessons at an Inner London comprehensive School in the early 1970s and at first I wasnt sure. To cut a long story short I found that the Diatonic tutor was very helpful in learning to play the PA. ( And a very good piano accordion teacher as well) The tunes are simple, the explanations are straight forward, and the accompanying CDs are helpful and good to listen to. Since then we have bought a number of music books by Yann Dour the latest being Chansons Populaires pour Laccordeon Diatonique 2 & 8 and Musique pour Danse de Salon. Im looking forward to getting to grips with Java Metropolitain .

These contain a good mix of popular titles and some original compositions, because they have been arranged for Diatos, theyre generally fairly simple arrangements which as a relative novice I find very helpful. All the titles can be found on http://www.editions-caruhel.com . There arent many clips of Yann Dour on youtube but those there are worth a watch particularly if you like Breton Dance music.

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