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The Layman's guide to buying a new accordion online




For a time I was the flight deck electrician on the aircraft carrier HMS Hermes, where I was referred to as the "Jockanese Flight Deck Greenie". My job was to carry out routine maintenance and inspections on the Commando transport helicopters when they landed, and to supply power from the ship's system to start them up. I had to wear a green surcoat so that the Flight Deck Officer could identify me from the Ship's control tower. My "oppo" on the other shift was a cockney, and was just the "Flight Deck Greenie", so being Jockanese at least afforded me a greater title.

The rum ration had gone by the time I was there, but we all had three cans of strong beer every day. If you were Jockanese you got offered the chance to buy extra cans from those who abstained. Different days, as the ships are all dry these days, or so they tell me.


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Jun 3, 2016
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With ten fingers, should we type 5x more than we listen [seems we do, eh. (Canadian)]? I'll bet Dio didn't see that coming.

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