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Help needed to locate 'Minuet from Bernice' dots

Happy girl

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Oct 31, 2013
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Can anyone help me to locate sheet music for ‘Minuet from Bernice’ arranged for Piano accordion please?

Thank you.


Hello I was looking through some old posts and came across this one, if you want see a fantastic rendering of this piece look on you tube on the Musictech website and see Heather Smith play this in the Musictech Digital Accordion Orchestra. The whole concert in Castelfidardo is well worth seeing as some of the best Accordionists in the world are playing in this orchestra, and the leader was Gincarrlo Caporilli. If anybody wants some advice on digital accordions Heather will be hosting digital accordion workshops at both the festivals at Seacroft this year. I have already booked for both , looking forward to going, also to see Oivind Farmen and Lars Karllson from Norway and Sweden, very rare opportunity to see these wonderful players.

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