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Cordovox 4th generation Expression Bellows Operation

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I have a background in electronic repair and have the Cordovox service manual for the third generation Cordovox
Model know as CG-6 accordion. It is the three piece unit consisting of the accordion and solid state tone generator and amplifier. I have repaired my Cg-6 Cordovox tone generator and amplifier several times in the past. Recently, I acquired another "Spare" tone generator and amplifier that was associated with the 4th generation Cordovox model CA-241/251.
This Cordovox was produced sometime after 1974 when Norlin Company took over Chicago Music (CMI). During this period, they used an Excessior accordion and installed a feature called expression bellows operation (EBO). I have modified the tone generator so that it now works with my CG-6 accordion. However, I had to disconnect the EBO board and reposition the right hand channel output on the preamp in order to make the right hand organ sounds work.

To that end, I am in need of a two page supplemental manual or schematic for the Expression Bellows
Operation that was printed for the CA-241/251 Cordovox models. This supplement is suppose to show the EBO CIRCUIT WITHIN THE ACCORDION AND TONE GENERATOR.I am very interested in how the EBO circuit works and hope that someone can assist me. Thanks in advance
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