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classical music on the stradella, links to recordings



Search on You Tube: "Malaguena Albeniz Accordion" for example of classical piano music on stradella bass


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Apr 13, 2015
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Yeah, I assumed there would be. But Im so new to music and to the accordion that I cant judge what bass system they use. I simply assume that most of them use the free bass since that supposedly fits better with classical music.

I have resently begun to learn to play the (stradella bass) accordion and I kind of like classical music so I want to check that out.

Thank you for those links!
I don't have any sample accordion videos to offer, but for your own playing of classical music there is a huge amount of baroque music written for a melody instrument (violin, flute, recorder, oboe, accordion right hand) and figured bass (essentially chord notation) that is improvised on lute, theorbo, harp, harpsichord, left hand of the accordion). The slow movements are usually very beautiful and the left hand can be very simple. Here are two samples.
Vivaldi lute concerto (archlute plays the melody and orchestra plays the simple "left hand").

Corelli variations on La Folia (recorder plays the "right hand" and harpsichord and viola da gamba play the "left hand").
Some of the variations would need a freebase, but others are quite simple and could even be made more simple. Keep in mind that the three people playing were the best in the world at the time of the recording. You can play it slower and simpler (block chords, for example).

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