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What is standard tuning for Hohner Concerto I



I'm needing to have my Hohner Concerto I re-tuned to its original musette sounding tremolo. What #cents was the tremolo reeds tuned to? Where they tuned sharp or flat? Was the tremolo "tapered" as it goes up the scales? I play French and Italian café music, so I like a wet sound, but I don't know how to guide the person tuning my instrument.
Does anyone have any advice? I'm new at this blog, so I'm just learning how to manage here.
Gayle Dawn

Jim the box

Welcome to the forum.
I owned a Concerto once, unfortunately I cannot help you as your question is too technical for me.


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Jul 16, 2014
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Can't really help you here except that I do know that as far as I know Hohner always has the tremolo reeds tuned up (sharp). By far the most accordions are like that (but I got a Bianco Freres not too long ago that was tuned flat). Tremolo is always tapered as it goes up the scales. It would sound absolutely awful if it wasn't. I believe a nice sounding tremolo is 18 cents, which means it will reach around 22 to 25 cents for the lowest notes, be down to 12 one octave higher and down to 8 two octaves higher. Personally I prefer no more than 14 cents (on the A=440), but it is all a matter of taste. I seem to recall getting hohners in for minor adjustments that used 18 cents, but someone should test to be sure.


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May 1, 2013
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Welcome Gayle - interesting first post. I suspect you know what you need, but for the avoidance of doubt can we establish some basics and decide you do actually need a change of tuning or is that going to be enough:

Do you think the tuning on your Concerto is wrong/has been altered from standard?

Or is it maybe right, but you want to achieve a different tone that you've maybe heard in recordings?

If you achieved exactly Hohner standard trem, after paying your repairer to do it, how do you know you'd then be pleased with the sound?

Are you going to use an experienced professional accordion tuner/repairer? If so, why do you need to tell him/her exactly what to do, rather than what sound you'd like to achieve?


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Sep 8, 2015
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Hi there are lots of videos on youtube featuring the Hohner Concerto I. Perhaps you could choose one that sounds right to you and play it to repairer. If they are worth their salt they'll know exactly how many cents etc. If you post the video here I'm sure one or two of the members will be able describe how to acheive that sound. :)

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