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Please could you help with identifying this beauty?

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I have acquired an accordion which does not have any manufacturers signature. It does bear a number and the mark made in Italy. Please can you help?

A picture of the whole accordion would be more useful than a serial number.
Glenn said:
A picture of the whole accordion would be more useful than a serial number.
There are pictures of the whole accordion. Scroll down.
Looks like a mid-late 50s Iorio from the grill, not sure of the model. Jim'll prob know.
Good Guess Ed; I would say this one is from the late 40's or early 50's and looks in good shape even with those yellow keys. If I had to make a guess I would say Gabbanelli as the grill is very similar to the design they used on PA's in the 50's. I don't think it has seen much use as the bellows are clean and the chrome in still intact on the bass shifts. Should be a 3 reed Treble LMH and 5 reed Bass. There were many Italian accordions imported to the US in the 50's without a nameplate as the numerous accordion music studio's in business at the time would receive them and apply their own badge's. Much like the Chinese are doing today.
Thank you so much for your replies regarding this. I should have mentioned that I live in the UK, if that helps identify it further. How much would you say that this instrument would be worth in the US? Is it a rare model? Will the price be affected given the fact there is no maker's name on it?
Value will depend on internal condition and any work needed. I wouldn't get too excited - 120 bass accordions of no identuty are too big to be sought after, and 'no badge' tells us nothing about the inherent quality either but pics of the innerds would maybe help.

What's the story behind it? Where has it been for the last 50 or so years? Can you split it and get pics of the innerds?

You will have to remove the bellows pins to see the quality of worksmanship and condition of the reeds before determining a value. You just might be lucky to find it's origin on the reed blocks,reeds or inside of the bass machine.
Thank you all again for your help. I have removed the pins and have posted photos of the entrails on the blog. It seems that work was carried out on this instrument in 1973 and 1978. It all seems to be in excellent condition in there but there is no maker's name in there either. What do all of you think about this?

Pics are too small now. Can you size them same as the first?
I have upgraded the pictures to a better definition. See what you think now.

The leathers look great and the construction of the box is well made. A good working mans sqeezebox.
What about where it's been for the last 40 years - it was well used & prob cherished in the 70s - 'new bellows & straps'. Where since? How does it play?
I think it has been tucked away for 30 years, somewhere dry. I really do not know more about its history. It plays extremely well and has kept well in tune. What do you think about its value? I have trawled through the internet but have not found any picture of a similar instrument.
Well unfortuneately the problem is not that many people want an accordion.
Those that do either already have one, or want it for a beginner or improver.
Then there are people who want an Excelsior... Or a Soprani or a Scandalli. Or even a Hohner etc.
Or want a 4 voice, or a 72 bass to stroll with..
Nice accordion or no, it fits none of the above.

And as said 120s aren't everyones size, today either.

So if you are sure it plays well, everything works, no leaks, no smells, is in tune and cosmetically nice and are prepared to commit to that description, I think you'd maybe get £150 -300... unless someone recognises it as something that I don't.
You prob think it's worth more.. and it maybe is, but I'm sorry to say it's unlikely you'll get more.
In today's market it would be fair to say $300 to 350 USD or 175 to 205 GBP. The US would be a better market as 9 out of 10 boxes here are 120 bass.
Thank you both for your replies. I would be very happy to sell it for that price. Where is the best place to sell an instrument like that? Ebay?
Probably eBay- definately somewhere with pictures. You could try the usual suspects Preloved, Gumtree, Craigs List. You could try it on the 'sales' on here, it's free. Say where you are.
Good fishing.
Good evening.

My grandmother gave my a very special surprise. The accordeon of her father.
I'm not an accordeon player and I did not know a lot about this instrument.

Please is there someone who can help me?

More information:
Scandalli (serial number 244/ 39)

Thanks for your help!



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