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Neo Soundstation 2


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Feb 10, 2014
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About 3 years, I purchased Neo Soundstation for $50. In comparison with other sound libraries, it was dirt cheap and yet all the sound demos were excellent. When I got it, I was even more impressed with the quality and all the features. The accordion patches alone would be worth over $200. Among various accordion presets is a set that emulates a double tone chamber accordion with 12 register switches. 500 plus sounds, and just about all of them are great sounding and useful with no "dumb" sound that you won't ever use.

I had been waiting for their 2nd version, and today I got the second version. Pretty exciting I found out that the 2nd version is even compatible with Kontakt Free Player. I also noticed they added many new, better sounds and more features. Fabulous sounds. Well, I am going back to my PC to try out all the new sounds and features. https://neo-soundstation.com/