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Italian-made 72-bass?

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Hi again, fine folks! This is a spin-off from my other thread that is somewhat related to that topic but also different.

I suspect that in 10 to 15 years (or sooner), I will want to look for a 72-bass accordion that is lighter than my current Panjet45. It was stated that Italy doesn't export very many 72-bass models to the US. This leaves the market wide open for Chinese accordions and, of course, Hohner (which are now made in China).

So if I wanted to keep my eyes open (and I do) for a nice, good-quality Italian-made 72-bass, what brands would I need to look for?

Thanks for any help and recommendations you all can give.

I expect Bill meant Hohner 72 bass models are made in China, but to avoid creating or perpetuating an urban myth, the top range Hohner models are not made in China, Gola, Morino for sure, and Atlantic (?) aren't .
I suspect that 72 bass is possibly the most popular size for non student boxes these days demand wise, so I suspect the 'easy' answer is that most, if not all, Italian manufacturers include a 72 bass in their range.
Have a look here - UK dealer (great reputation) with pics... and UK prices. These are the ones he stocks - I am sure there are others, too.

And interestingly in the list is a Brandoni 78 bass, too.
Yes, Soulsaver, I meant the lower end Hohners are now made in China. The Allodi list *might* be more helpful to me if it said where the accordions were made. There are many models listed there that are definitely made in China, as well as German-made ones. I'm not complaining, just making an observation. ;)
Sorry it wasn't ideal for you... let us know which ones you're unsure about, I'm sure someone will help you.
I guess I missed part of the conversation here - English shops? 72 bass is the most popular non-student size?

But for Italian made accordions imported into the US, I guess I'd start with the retail sources, who I'd guess would be rather few, and see who's up for a 72 bass model. For example, I see Castiglione says they can get a Serenellini (and there's video proof), Liberty Bellows has Beltuna, Borsini etc., "Music Magic" and Accordions USA have Alessandrini (no mention of their 72 bass model, but you could ask), etc. I wouldn't be surprised if every surviving Italian maker produces good accordions, so from there it's a matter of your personal preferences and budget, though with more specifics you might get some feedback on what's worth how much.
donn said:
I guess I missed part of the conversation here - English shops? 72 bass is the most popular non-student size?
He asked for brands, Donn - and on this UK (as it happens) dealers site there is a list of brands of 72 bass boxes, including Italian with the added bonus of some price info, admittedly maybe not relevant for 10 years time. A US dealer would have been slightly better, but Im not aware of a US dealer with a similar list. Clearly by his response, he missed the point, too.
As for my demand guess - we could debate that but it would be off topic. I meant in Europe, but if youve got world wide demand data, post it up in a new thread, were happy to be informed.
I wasn't trying to be insulting to anyone with my question. I was simply asking for opinions as to who carries a decent Italian-made 72-bass accordion that I can be on the lookout for. Many of the Chinese manufacturers have usurped Italian names to try to capitalize on the reputation. I, obviously, don't want one of those. Folks in the UK might have a better sense of who distributes 72-bass Italian made accordions. But there is no need for anyone to get their panties in a bunch over my question. :lol:
Probably the best thing you can do is play other accordions, either at a dealer or a folk club or wherever. Just because an accordion is a quality Italian 72-bass doesn't mean it will be right for you in either fit or sound :)
Heres a list of accordion retail and repair businesses, by country: http://www.accordionlinks.com/retailers.html

The US section is larger than I expected, and does mention brands in some cases. There are even a couple places in Dallas. Its probably out of date and some of them are no longer in business - and I see Petosa is mysteriously not listed, so apparently its incomplete as well. A few phone calls could get you a clearer picture of what you can get, for what price and under what terms. (I mean, special order purchase etc.) They will know whats Chinese.

Keep us posted on what you find out.
You must remember that with an acoustic accordion, yes the smaller box has less weight, but more effort is required to produce the same volume and tone. Picking a box depends on your venue of music and audience.
The insides also make a difference - my 96 bass double cassotto weighs about what I do! I've played lighter 120 bass boxes. Again, it's all about finding an instrument that's right for you - not ticking boxes.
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