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FR8X--Export Of Sets And User Programs To USB Flash Memory Stick

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In reading the FR-8X documentation, it took me a long time to get used to the terminology. Understanding the file structure on the 8X, helps to understand the terminology and how the 8X functions.

• A User Program contains all the configurations for the 8X Modes:
Right Hand -> Accordion, Orch 1, Orch 2, Organ
Left Hand -> Bass & Chord, Free Bass, Orch Bass, Orch Chord, Orch Free Bass
Selection of User Program is by one of the right hand Register Switches when in User Program Mode

• A memory bank consists of 14 User Programs
There are 100 memory banks that will store 1400 User Programs

How to Export Sets and User Programs:
• Export TO USB -- Utility Function 15.8

There are two Types (Set & User Program):

has two selections:

USER PROGRAM has four selections:
All -> Exports all 100 memory banks
Bank -> Exports the memory bank No. that is selected. This has 14 User Programs.
Single -> Exports the bank No. and User Program No. that is selected
List -> Exports the User Program Lists that are created

Export Process
- The 8X screen will flash between (“Export” & “Press Write to Proceed”)
- After selection Press “Write” button
- Screen will display Export On USB.
. . . Press “Write Button “again
- Screen will display the file name
. . . Press “Write Button “again
- Screen will display that it is “Writing”
. . . When complete, screen will display “Operation Complete”
. . . . . NOTE: If you don’t get “Operation Complete”, the file has not been saved to the USB memory.

• File Designations Assigned by the 8X When Stored on a USB memory stick
. . . User Program -> File type is (*.UPG)
. . . Memory Bank -> File type is (*.UPB)

• Examples :
001_008_UPG.UPG______User Program in Bank 1, Register 8
002_UPG_Bank.UPB_____All 14 programs in Bank 2
FR-8X_SET_ALL_FR8_____All the sets in the FR-8X
UPG_ALL.UPA____________All the 1400 User Programs in the 100 Banks

John M.
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I have a video that explains it all too, its not quite ready for release, but maybe I'll cut it in to sections and release as small "chunks"

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