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FR1x French Musette

Jul 7, 2024
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Skelmersdale, UK
My wife has been attempting to get her FR1x to play a French sound similar to the instrumental on 'Where Do You Go To My Lovely'.
We cannot get anything approaching this sort of sound, having selected musette (3b) and set Detune to 14.
Could anyone provide us with step by step instructions to get this sort of sound please?
Which instrumental version of 'Where Do You Go To My Lovely' are you considering as reference ?
Do you have a link ?
Which instrumental version of 'Where Do You Go To My Lovely' are you considering as reference ?
Do you have a link ?
Hi Serge, Thanks for responding. I was just going on the memory of Peter Sarstedt.
We are not trying to replicate this exact sound, just a typical French Musette. I think it is more complicated than just selecting the Musette Detune parameter and the 3b treble register.
Once we have this, I am sure we will be able to fine tune it and get other sounds such as Cajun etc.
Thanks for getting back to me Richard. On the FR1x the are 14 musette settings on the Detune parameter. Also, I don't know how to ensure that a particular register (Sets 1-4 each with 4 sub settings) has 3 reeds; there is no information relating to this in the manual.
Evening S'sH
My suggestion was from memory - I now have a 4X and that has more info on the different accordions modelled.
You seem to have done what you can: 3b is a 3-reed setting. On P26 there is a chart of reeds used for each register - maybe try a few more?
The recording may have a high (H) reed in it - my ear's not good enough to tell. 2d has a high reed and M M reeds
Also the Scottish detune setting is a v wide musette type sound - worth a listen?
More reverb?
In the end, maybe Roland just didn't model the sound you're after.
Do you know about the Roland Alpine extension download - perhaps the sound you're looking for is there?
If my memory serves me right, the Musette setting is the number three register button (there is A,B,C and D) . The Fr-1x comes with 16 sets. This means that you have about 64 different sounds to choose from ( about, because on some of the sets, this button is not musette).

I think you should try to find the sound you are looking for on Youtube. This way we can try to analyze what you want and help you find it. My favorite French style player is Richard Galliano. There ae plenty of his clips on Youtube.

I made an instructional video on how to create sets for the FR1x based on the company sets of the FR7. The set called France has the nicest musette sounds, in my opinion.

I also found a recording that I made from one of the FR7x sets on Youtube, and if you want to listen to them, I'll try to find it.

This is only applicable if you feel tech-savy enough to program and transfer sets. It's not rocket science, but it's also not for the meek-minded.

Joe Karwoski create some instructional videos on programming the FR-1x. Look him up on Youtube, if you want.

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You've certainly started from the right place - 3b detuned to 14. I doubt this is of use to you, but the Dale Mathis Sounds (only available pre-installed from Kraft Music), has seven additional musette registers. Without any idea of how it sounds bad, it's hard to guess at anything for you to try. If it doesn't sound detuned "correctly", just try some lower detune values (15 is definitely too much!). Here's one member's measurement of them (add 6 to all values). This video might help you guess at what settings to try.
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I have also been experimenting to get a more French sounding musette on my Roland FRixb. I tried detuning the settings for 3B as you said you had done, but that in itself still didnt sound good enough.
I found the best method was to download the Roland Set Editor from the Roland website, and edit 3b from there , then save it as a user set which can be installed via a usb stick. It was not as complicated as it sounds, and doesnt alter or harm any original settings.
I now have a really good French musette sound as a user set. With the editor it is possible to try other setters for all the other registers as needed. Joe Karwoski explains it all here .

Heres a couple of pics of the editing. - first the standard default settings and then the settings I changed to get a decent French sound and it worked. Basically you need to change all three 8 foot reeds from Classic to F Folk2 and take the volume up a bit, and then set the musette detune to French ( even Scottish if you want it even more shrill), and then save it to a .ST3 file to a usb stick to install It does work. and it is well worth downloading the editor and running it on a PC. Hope this helps


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Thank you so much for this. I will give this a go when I have an afternoon to spare!
It is a shame that the manual is so badly written. Kind regards, Chris