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FR-4x newbie questions

I bought it from a dealer and have the manual. Contacted Roland and they sent me an additional reference manual.
I'm signing off here. To be honest y'all were way more condescending than helpful.
I cannot believe the statement you have just made ,when people have tried to help you
Some people just expect you to know everything about *their* situation and be hand-held to the N-th degree. These tend to the kind of people that are easiest to deceive, believe what they are told, even if it is malarky... sadly, an easy target for deceptive dealers and get all insulted when the truth is displayed.

It's better she left, because had she stayed, we'd have found out the depth to which she was cheated and that would have made for one very unhappy v-accordion owner. In this case, sadly, ignorance is bliss.
haha - reminds me of an airport: “flight 123 is now departing from gate 45”

sorry to see you go, but thanks for the announcement and enjoy the trip!