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Pretty effective! :)



There seem to be a lot of great Polish players out there, with several members on here, although I dont know just how popular the instrument is there these days. 

In days gone by in certain areas of the UK there were quite a few Polish social clubs, and Im told that accordions were a big feature in them, probably played by older people with experience of playing/listening in Poland. We only had a handful of Polish coalminers in our village, so there was no club there. 

When I worked on the buses (finally retired in 2006) I had about 30 Polish colleagues, none of whom expressed any interest in accordion music of any kind. A few of them played guitars, bass, drums, etc, but the eyebrows went up when I mentioned accordion. Could be a regional thing, and most of them were big city types from the area around Poznan, although even the guys from the very west of the country, near the border with the former East Germany, were not accordion fans.  

Possibly somebody will tell us that there are many accordionists in other areas of Poland.  

I love the soundproofing panels. Great in any country! 

Great player, great sounds (on his side of the soundproofing).


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