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Crucianelli FC45 Crumar electronic repair


Dec 13, 2023
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Lorain Ohio, USA
I have a Crucianell FC45 Crumar electronic accordion and am looking for someone familiar with these units for some electronic repair. Somewhere, there is someone with a basement full of these things that knows them inside and out. That's the kind of person I'm looking for. Originally purchased this unit from Castiglione Music in Michigan. I currently live in Lorain, Ohio. The Crumar is connected to a Leslie Combo Preamp IV, and then to a Leslie Pro 815 two channel speaker.
Any referrals are greatly appreciated.


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This is a unit that was never very popular even in it's "hey day", and with the passage of time (maybe 45-ish years or more), these models faded in to obsolescence (like most of the other similar units of that time). You just may need someone that is good at analog electronics diagnosis and repair, but be ready to run in to things like electronics parts that are not available anymore. The parts in these things age even when not used and just fail.

I have an old Iorio S3 and Elka 83 that are in a similar timeframe, but I was lucky and had the schematics of the Elkavox unit, so if I ever need repair, I'll need to do the same search as you.
if the unit is simply dead, any decent old-skills electronics
repair shop should be able to eyeball and follow out and
troubleshoot the Power supply section

if the power supply still provides DC to the rest of the
circuits, next have him check the photocell on the Volume pedal

if the unit has specific organ-type problems, forget it,
there are no parts, or skills specific to this left in the USA