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changing bass strap - concerto 111s




i had a thought that getting a new wider thicker/padded bass strap for my hohner 72 bass p.a. would improve comfort - or padding it myself somehow (however i did try sticking padded cloth material to it once which was good until it became unstuck and left sticky patches)

tips on this and how to fit diy style welcomed

it has the standard leather one that came with it i think - 14inch by 2 inch - creme coloured inside and black outside

i tend to get discomfort/sprain in left wrist

i had a look to see if this had been discussed before (fitting one in particular) but couldnt find any posts , or anything on accordion revival website


ps i did try wearing a glove but didnt get on with this


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Feb 16, 2016
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The Concerto 111s is a 72 bass unit and fairly light, I can see where "the glove" wouldn't help you. In some cases, unless one is talented in a special area, DIY has to be removed from the list. There are two options that one can consider:

First is to get it replaced with a new bass strap, option 1a being to get it replaced with a higher quality or custom strap that is better padded to suite your needs.

Option #2 would be to consider taking this current bass strap to a seamstress or a leather shop and getting your strap re-padded and have the cracked leather replaced. Of course, this last one could be done DIY, if you have the equipment available to you and you had the skills,but sewing leather requires high strength, higher quality machines not commonly used by the public unless one has that special need.


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May 1, 2013
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Hi Dave
Unscrew the adjuster completely;take off the bass board (feet removal 2/4 screws?); look in the innerds & see how the non adjustable side is retained, maybe on on a hook and, if so, an easy removal (may need to loosen out the hook); unhook it... and it's off; measure it..at least TWICE; talk to CGM about custom options if you wish (or whoever); buy made up to your desired spec..standard or otherwise (talk to Charlie); fit it is reversal of removal. Jobsagoodun, as we folks say...

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