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B-System button Roland



Hey guys,

Do button V-Accordions come in the B-System as well? If not, how easy is to to turn a C-System into a B-System, software and hardware-wise? (by hardware-wise, I guess Im thinking of changing the physical buttons so that the colors are matching)


Matt Butcher

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Apr 30, 2013
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Any Roland button accordion can change systems (C, B, and if I remember rightly Belgian, Finnish and I think D system which I have never heard of in real life) at the press of a button once you work out what to press. It only took a few minutes in the manual to sort it out. You can also take the buttons off and move them about so that the appearance matches the notes that are coming out. So there's no need to choose system when you buy one. (Same goes on the left hand, you can switch between stradella and various versions of free bass.)

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