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Azerbaijan Gitar/Uzbekistan Garmon



Thought Id better even things up with some music thats popular in Turkey. The players arent Turkish but the music style is popular there.

Check out Orxan Mirzaev, the Uzbekistani guy playing the little garmon, which used to be considered a womans instrument. He mostly plays it with his thumb on the side.

I had heard guys like the guitarist, Elman Namazoglu, playing Azerbaijani gitar in the Pera district of Istanbul in the mid 70s, and remembered they sometimes played along with an accordion. Well they do, but they also play along with garmon.

Once again, just hoping to diversify your listening experience. I sometimes feel we all get lost worrying about what type of instrument and tuning we should have. The guy in this clip just has to make do with what hes got, and whether you like the music or not he sure can play that Garmon, or qarmon as they are sometimes known. They are perhaps more popular in parts of Russia with button treble keys.

<YOUTUBE id=NmYGDmfauqw url=></YOUTUBE>


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May 1, 2013
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Very interesting, thank you. Check out the guy in the background on his phone. Obviously he's heard it all before!