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Would this system Finnish my cba skills?

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Apr 8, 2019
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Nanaimo, BC
37 notes in Finnish C system layout. LMM. 37 note bass convertor. 60 button stradella. Good condition, from the 1970s or 1980s, I think. About $1300 US. I want to learn the chromatic system (B or C). I am curious about free bass. I am not Finnish. Would you advise to buy or miss?
I would suggest "miss" unless you are very confident this will be your last accordion and you will never want another CBA. The difference between C system and Finnish is just "moved over one row" but still switching from one to the other later would involve a learning curve.
But... if you get a very good deal on a Finnish system accordion and it is NOT Pigini or another brand that glues down the buttons then you could get it converted. (Conversion between B and C is extremely difficult because of the different diagonals but conversion between Finnish and C is possible.)
So in this case, let a Finnish person buy it.
I also suggest a miss.
Loads of nice c systems on leboncoin in france'. Chech ur import tariffs if in un.
On me it u like.
Sorry i think ur in Canada. Sorry about typo. Pm me if u want more indi.
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