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With a song and a smile ... Greetings Accordion World.

Sep 3, 2022
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San Diego - Ca
I'm Accordion Sensation - Smilin' Jack. Every 6 months or so I "Google myself". Yesterday (Sat-3rd), on page 2 of the search results something caught my eye ... "A kind of Liberace of the accordion". I clicked on it and found a thread started by Dingo40 in April. I got a kick out of the comments and realized that I could not react unless I registered. So here I am to thank Dingo40 for sharing my Misirlou Practice Room video. Thank you Tom for the "backwards glance" comment ... my videos are intended to be a backwards glance ! Thank you losthobos for chipping in ... you've also commented on a few of my YouTube videos and I always appreciate you doing so. That's all for now ... happy to have found this forum. Keep Smilin' ... Smilin' Jack.

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