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William Popp

Wonderful music and playing! Thanks for sharing. Iā€™m also grateful to learn of composers for accordion.
Couldn't agree more @Johnny. William Popp is a terrific composer for accordion. First class! Indeed, he is a Doctor of Musical Arts in Composition.

That said, he is not the only great American composer... There is also the terrific @Neil Thornock who is also an award winning composer for accordion.

Incredibly talented musicians!
William Popp is one of my favourite American accordionists right now.

Here's a little recording for starters...

He composes too:

I think I could learn A LOT from this great musician.

He has a website full of interesting info:

@Walker......thanks for the introduction to a great accordionist/composer. Enjoyed it tremendously!
Having listened to old recordings of Popp from the 1970s, there's no doubt this man is an absolute virtuoso. However, I find beauty in simpler music too. His performances of stradella pieces are just magic too.

Here's another short video of him playing a piece by Albeniz.

When a person can produce a live performance like this, you just know you are in the presence of a maestro.

I would love to hear Popp play a few simple free bass pieces. If he were to perform something like Massanet's Elegie it would be astonishing.​