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When did you know?


Mar 21, 2021
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Cornwall, UK
..., it's the expressive playing of slower melodies that, in my opinion, best highlights an accordion's and accordionist's capabilities.
I'm with you on that one. I've enjoyed Charlie Parker with the best of them (though I've never heard him play the accordion!), but I find an unrelenting series of fast notes (often, with accordions, at the same volume) ultimately batters my appreciation into insensibility. I have been known to call it 'turn the handle music', though not rudely within the hearing of the clearly talented player. I seem to remember somebody once saying in respect of improvisation, "The music lies in the choice of the silences as well as the choice of the notes." And a saxophonist friend of mine says he finds it harder to play fewer notes than many. (Again, we are talking of improvisation.) It's one reason I enjoy Richard Noel's playing so much - he really seems to understand the need for light and shade in playing a tune.

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