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What are these worth?

Tracie Val

Nov 6, 2023
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Green Bay, WI. USA
Hi ,

My father in law passed a few years back, my husband received his 3 Accordion's. 2 look very old and one is for sure from from the 1960s. One has books back from the 50s/60s. All have original cases. We are looking to sell these and want to know their value and also where is a good place to sell them? Ebay? I have many more pictures of these. The first one has Pearl on it.


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hi Tracie

bad news first, they aren't worth very much right now..

the most expensive one originally was the Frontalini, a pro or semi-pro model
that would likely be what we refer to as an LMMH configuration. Noting the Mic's
no doubt he used this professionally. Noting the serious problems with the Bellows
this accordion has dried out excessively and is likely to need serious attention
before it could be playable again.

next is what looks like a LoDuca, likely in an LMM configuration, and a 3/4 sized
instrument.. he may have liked this as a Stroller and outdoors for Cafe work.
Depending on the condition, this size is currently desiralble as many younger
players prefer a lighter smaller accordion

finally the Pre WW2 Scandalli, which is a cute box, he may have kept it just for
the occasional pleasure of playing it since these were classics in their own way,
but again likely needs a fair amount of work to be useful again.

i am guessing you just want to keep this simple, so in my opinion if you can
get someone to go $500 for all 3 then you will be done with it, and the
purchaser has a fair opportunity to get their value out of one of them at least

best to sell them locally, Craigslist or similar, selling on eBay and shipping them will
just be a disaster, as none of them will likely survive the bumps and bruises

good luck