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Website for Three-Row Button Accordion

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Jan 2, 2014
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Las Vegas NV USA
Like many people on this forum, I have a piano accordion and am primarily interested in that. There are, however, some members who have a button accordion, and it seems there is an alternative forum for them, too. The forum is Reyes Accordions. Reyes has about 5000 members who are primarily interested in the three-button accordion as well as the bajo sexto, a Mexican stringed instrument. Its owner is Gilberto Reyes, who also is the product manager for Hohner USA. When you look at the topics, they seem to have similar interests, concerns, suggestions as members do on this forum, but primarily towards the button accordion and the stringed instruments. Though I'm not personally familiar with that style of accordion, or much of the Cajun, Tex-Mex, or Latino music scenes, for those of you who are, you might want to check it out as another source. The specific reason I found this forum was a member who recommended I contact Gilberto about a couple of Hohner Bravo issues, and Gilberto owns/runs the site. Anyway, this might be an interesting forum for those of you who like button accordions and some musical tastes slightly different than European.
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