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Voci Binci reed maker


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A video from Binci accordion reed maker.


FMC (Fabbriche Musicali Calabresi) in collaboration with the Binci staff.


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jozz post_id=64471 time=1542871880 user_id=2600 said:
sort of glad I dont have to do that all day long

The video gives a rather friendly and leisurely impression of reed making.
Im sure that the real process of reed making is in a less friendly environment.
I visited the Cagnoni factory and saw how a mano reeds were being made,
by a row of people sitting at workstations and putting reed tongues and plates together
and inspecting the result, all day long...
Now that I certainly wouldnt want to be doing all day long, but its not a bad idea to learn how to do it,
for that maybe once in a lifetime occasion where you really need to do it.
(Some of the most advanced Russian bayan players travel with all the required kit and when a reed breaks mid-concert they can introduce a short break and replace a single reed on the (large) reed plate in about 20 minutes.)

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