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Video how to Mp3 playback on FR4x without USB


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Aug 24, 2017
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I have been flooded with requests on how to connect “Songbook to Songbook” (not really!😏). If you use iPad for your music reading, here is a way you can play MP3 files on the Roland FR4x without the USB wirelessly. This way you can have full control of your shows without touching the accordion settings. As you know, I also do this with my Korg Pa1000 and PA3x...nothing worst then the audience watching fiddling around with settings. This is great solution in my view...how about your view? The iPhone can be placed in a obscure position so it is out of site...Velcro type of material does wonders...I think you have to turn IPhone it into airplane mode, but never tested it...? But if you have an old iPhone laying around it would suffice...I am old timer still use iPhone 6...🤭...I still haven’t tried to control the MP3 volume...but I think it is possible with this app? Now you still have to change the volume on the iPhone...



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Feb 16, 2016
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Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Won't work on an 8X. :(
So I'll have to use an iPad pro. When ready I'll hit you up for a how-to and tutorial. :)
Still very cool!
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