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US manouche style forum



Anybody who is interested in the manouche style might find topics of interest in the link below.

There arent many English language sites on this music, and whilst it is principally geared towards guitarists, it does contain some accordion content, even if it doesnt get updated very often.

There are also various French language sites available, but I havent been on them for quite a while and would need to google them again.

The manouche style isnt quite my bag, although it is inseperable from French musette. As a guitarist I obviously have an interest in it, and did consider it fairly recently. However, playing acoustic guitars with very light 10 gauge strings and a pick the size of a shovel is something Id need to have learned long ago.

Wasnt sure if this should have gone under jazz or not, but the only thing I know about jazz is how to spell it.


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