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Unknown West German “CM” button accordion


Feb 16, 2020
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So I’m a pretty gung ho DIYer, and recently found myself the proud owner of a reasonably priced button accordion in need of repair. Unfortunately the seller knew next to nothing about accordions and it needs a little more repair than expected, and truth be told I don’t either so I’m not even sure what year or what company made it, let alone exactly what it is.

It has 3 rows of buttons, that seem to be arranged like what i can find on chromatic accordions, the bass side has about 100 buttons but upon opening it i see there are only 12 hole covers that they press down on (multiple holes per the top row. The first problem was sticking buttons and I opened it up and saw the wooden box that holds the bass lever and rods has swollen over the years and so i took it apart to sand the slots and make a bit more room for them to easily slide up and down. I unfortunately didn’t take as many pictures as i should have, as I didn’t realize the “pipes” or rods were not connected, and this is currently my biggest hurdle is placing them back how they were, part of me wonders if they’re even in good condition. 

Posting pictures, and help is greatly appreciated

Posting from my phone, tried to upload about 16 photos with my original post, let me know if they didnt go


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Nov 1, 2013
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Hi there,
Good luck with your project!
Id suggest that at the moment there are far more questions to be asked than a forum like this can answer.
If you start at this site
you can start to assemble the knowledge you need.
The first chapter is helpfully entitled Accordion repair is not rocket science!

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