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The Old Courts.

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Stephen Hawkins

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Jan 25, 2016
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Lancashire, England.
I try very hard to be selective when advertising events at The Old Courts in Wigan. It is difficult to know what individuals on this forum may appreciate, and it is made even more difficult when live music is available almost every night of the week.

On Saturday 3rd of March, there is an all day (and evening) event which some of you may like. Jon Brindley will be on stage at 17.00 hrs (5.00 pm) playing his beautiful Bugari. This will be followed by many other bands and solo artists, including the gorgeous and highly talented Pauline Blackburn.

Entry is free, though donations to provide disabled access would be welcomed and appreciated. Donations are not compulsory, and nobody is going to check what you throw into the "trust" bucket. The Old Courts is a "not for profit" organisation, which is run by and for musicians and artists. Each of the separate concert rooms has its own well stocked bar, with friendly and helpful staff ready to serve you.

Anyone who needs directions or further information about the venue should PM me.

Kind Regards,

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