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It looks kind of plain and no-frills, but if it's reconditioned and everything works good, I suppose it might be worth at least $60 to $100, just talkin'. I've got a thread with old accordion values. Reconditioning by a serviceman ought to be worth something, as servicemen are hard to find in most places. Strap condition is another thing to consider.


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Dec 12, 2015
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It`s from the 40`s (squared off treble keys). And obviously a 2 -3 reed model .
Most accordions look rather good on the outside and especially when shown in a picture . It`s good looks can be deceiving and much less important than what the inside looks like.
Regarding any reconditioning that may or may not have been done , it`s all about the condition of the reed wax and leather valves, not to mention tuning issues, possible reed rust, gaskets and air leaks , treble key and bass clacking noises . The straps look good.
That all said I think your $60-$100 asking price is fair if it plays .

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