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Some more midi control fun


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Aug 24, 2017
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How to remap a Midi pedal to control the Beat Buddy. No need to change your MIDI pedal configuration with confusing apps. Just as long as a midi pedal button sends out a control change message, note value or program change message, you can remap it to control Beat Buddy. A wireless solution with use of a MIDI over Bluetooth device on midi pedal (note: Irig Blueboard has it built -in) and on the Beat Buddy Pedal Quicco mi.1.

Note: you can also remap to the Korg Arranger instead of the Beat Buddy. Which I use on my Pa1000. The pedal can be remapped to do Program change messages to control arranger (see page 906, pa1000 manual).

How about controlling the digital Accordion? Let’s get our Ideas to share...