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SOLD: Book and 2 CDs of “Traditional Irish Music - Karen Tweed's Irish Choice”

Sandy Flett

Jun 21, 2015
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Farnham, Surrey
93 Irish session tunes from the repertoire of accordionist Karen Tweed. First published by Dave Mallinson in 1994.

Condition as new.

Book and two CDs: £25 £20 + £3 postage [edit 11 Nov]

Mallinson’s description:

They say you cannot step twice into the same river. In this book and the accompanying recordings, the river, the moment, the torrent, is the traditional music of virtuoso piano accordion player, Karen Tweed. With timeless reels, jigs, hornpipes, polkas and slip jigs all expertly transcribed and laid out, with Karen's choice of chords and - possibly best of all - with her personal thoughts associated with those tunes, this is a marvellous anthology of her personal favourites.

Every musician can, at last, examine and appreciate her interpretations of these tunes, particularly with the aid of the recordings. One thing will come across early to anyone with a grain of sense: Karen's obvious love of and respect for traditional music. Each tune is treated as a living thing, each is nurtured and cherished.

Dip in your toe or immerse yourself in this beautiful collection of Irish session tunes. Suitable for all traditional melody instruments, it includes Karen's versions of several favourites along with a healthy selection of challenges. Chords are given as are hints, tips, illustrations and anecdotes. On two tapes or CDs, Karen plays every tune in her own sweet style, accompanied by Gordon Tyrrall, Peter Houlahan and Seamus O'Sullivan. No musician can fail to benefit from Karen's breadth of experience and depth of comprehension of Irish traditional music.

This is a book about traditional Irish session music, the tunes in this book are not 'piano accordion tunes' but simply versions that Karen has learned on that instrument. They are not intended to be seen as definitive versions, just examples of how each tune can be played; you can adapt the tunes to your own instrument and style.

Foreword by Phil Cunningham, 93 tunes, discography, photographs, Karen's personal thoughts and incidentally, Karen also came up with the intriguing cover drawing along with numerous illustrations inside.

If you find the attached Index of tunes difficult to read then you can find a full list here: https://www.mallyproductions.com/product-page/karen-tweed-s-irish-choice-book-and-2-cds-karen-tweed


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