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SOLD: 2 AKG C516 ML mics + 2 AKG B29L Battery Power Supplies

Sandy Flett

Jun 21, 2015
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Farnham, Surrey
The mics, cables and power supplies are in excellent condition, and come in their original boxes.

Sale includes everything in the photo.

£100 + postage (or collect if anywhere near Farnham, Surrey). Donation to Forum if successful in sale.

Extract from AKG literature: The B29L battery supply unit provides the C 516 ML with 9 V phantom power using one PP9 9 V battery. It lets you use the microphones with mixers, recording systems, etc. with no phantom power. The B29L provides two mini XLR inputs (IN L and IN R) to power one or two microphones. Two separate VOLUME controls allow you to set the level of each microphone independently to compensate for level differences between, say, a voice and an instrument. The B29L features a standard XLR output (OUT). The MIC/LINE selector enables you to match the output level to the input to which you connected the B29L. On the rear panel of the B29L there is the battery compartment and a metal clip for fixing the B29L to your belt, guitar strap, or the like.


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