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Shoulder straps adjustment


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May 1, 2013
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About shoulder straps adjustment, there is few information:

Look here = https://www.accordionists.info/showthread.php?tid=449
JIM D. pid=12666 dateline=1391187679 said:
This may seem stupidly simple, but 60% of these same complaints are the result of improperly adjusted shoulder straps. Your right shoulder strap should be at the minimum of 4 longer than the left strap. This will give a 2 difference when worn. JIM D.

And then look here = https://www.akkordeonshop24.de/en/lederriemen-akkordeons/
Here the right straps for sale are shorter and the left straps longer.

Seems different points of view, no?

The brackets are close to the treble keyboard, so at first sight it seems quite logic that the left straps have to be somewhat longer than the right straps, or not? And if not, why?

Just asking for practical reasons, no polemics intented. Thanks in advance.


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Jul 16, 2014
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One is longer than the other. Whoever made the website akkordeonshop24.de probably had no idea which strap should go where.
It also depends on the user. A friend of mine is "seriously overweight" and that implies that to achieve the same position of the accordion as for me his left strap needs to be a lot longer. As the site is German, it may actually be correct for Germans who have eaten too much "bratwurst" and who have visited too many Oktoberfest instances...

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