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Serge Pachinne....


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Oct 6, 2014
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Essex UK
Im just back from Twinwood festival...found this clip from last year.....
This guy Serge PAchinne enthralls me every time.....a true master of vamp....
His playing gets better every year....yet he tells me he only picks up ONE accordion gig a month....and they make him dress in a french moustache etc.... waste of his talent and a B system Pigini.....


Hi Terry,

Seems it always was a case of the poor accordionist just doing what he/she was told. Many players only found fame as instrumentalists after they managed to break out of the habit of accompanying singers.

The singer was always top of the bill and the box player often never even got a mention.

Don't know if that's quite my style of entertainment, but I did appreciate the accordion playing (when I could hear it).

Shame they're still expecting players to recreate a French scene that few living people will remember. Noah never had enough room in the ark for all those berets and striped T shirts, but not a lot of people know that, apparently. If I was good enough to play for money and somebody told me I needed to wear a big moustache, I've already got one, but I wouldn't be shaving off my beard. The kids expect Santa to look the part!

Thanks for sharing the clip.
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