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Senerelli help required



Hello all.

Opened an old box in a charity shop last weekend and discovered an old PA staring back at me. I instantly decided I was going to save it and learn to play. Can't go wrong for £40 I thought.
When I got it home I looked it up on the internet expecting lots of them for sale and loads of info about it, the company and spare parts a plenty. Wrong!

I can't seem to find anything about it or much about Senerelli in general. There are a few knocking about on eBay etc but none the same as mine nor any spares available. Is this a generic type of instrument do you think?

Whilst all this was happening I've done a little research in general about PAs, opened it up and everything seems to be operating ok. Needs some of the reeds waxing back in and new leather strips in most (rather curly/saggy) but all the buttons and keys work and are aligned.

Of course non of this helps me get to learn to play so I'm wondering what would be the best option, wait till its repaired or take the cheapest option to buy another to learn on in tandem to doing the work?

Any advice/info would be greatly received folks!


Serenelli is a Chinese badge name these days. I dont know which of the factories actually makes them. I think the name may have been used by an actual Italian company sometime in the distant past - but nothing to do with Serenellini, who currently make proper high-quality instruments in Italy.

What spare parts do you need? - unles you have broken keys or something, much of the material you need is fairly generic - The right valves, leather, felt, wax etc, can all be bought in small quantities from Charlie Marshall in the UK.



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Timfen said:
wait till its repaired or take the cheapest option to buy another to learn on in tandem

I think youd know, better than we would. I gather youve had the chance to strap it on, and squeeze out a few tones. If its still in your possession, you might go through whatever notes you can get out of it and look for tuning problems. Of course some musical expertise makes this easier and more effective, but its worth doing in any case - even if youre not sure why, notes that sound a little sour are not going to sweeten up by themselves, it takes some skilled work.

Check the spelling. Were assuming an old accordion under the Serenelli name, maybe quite old - maybe 70, 80 years. That isnt good, but it may not be the end, depending on condition. I might defer the new leather valve strips - I think it will play anyway, and youd get a chance to reassess your feelings about the thing as your playing ability develops. You wont get back any money you invest in this.


Don't think it's a Chinese model Simon as it appears to be quite old and someone has written his name inside with an address which hasn't had residents since at least the early seventies and it a kind of old way of writing, say like how my Dad used to and he would have been 80 odd now!

Perhaps you're right Donn, maybe I'll try to learn a bit on this and see what's what. Most of the keys work, as do the voicings now I've freed them up. It makes a grand sound so I'll follow a few you tube vids and get the hang of it. If I'm going to learn how to tinker with one them this is the one to do it with.

One things for sure, I'm not in it for the investment, unless it's time, money and enthusiasm by me!

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