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Seacroft Spring Accordion Festival: 3rd/7th April, 2017

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Heather Smith

Residential Accordion Festival held at Seacroft Holiday Centre, Hemsby in Norfolk. 4 nights chalet accommodation including full board and participation in all the accordion events plus access to the keyboard festival which takes place along side the accordion event. Further details of cost and artists appearing can be found on http://www.accordionprofile.com
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I have just noticed that Heather Smith has put the details of the Seacroft Accordion Festival on this site, as it happens I have booked earlier today for the Spring and also the Autumn festivals . If anyone has not been to Heather Smiths festivals they are missing a real treat. They are extremely good value 4 nights for £269-00 with full board, I have booked for the extra three nights of the keyboard event as well. I have been going to Heather's events for the last 10 years and found them extremely professionaly organised and well run with top artists appearing at all the events not like other ones that I have been to with the entertainment being sing alongs to wartime hits.
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