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Sea Shanties!



Hello all!

Does anyone know of any good resources for traditional sea shanties? My searches have returned poor results at best..

There is a series for accordion out of Gemany that is available, I carry it at the shop, I will post the next time I am there. I also have a couple of 1930's books with great covers.
Kimric that would be fabulous, I'd love to take a gander! Sounds perfect :D
"pirate" tunes will produce some nice ones. Gary Coovers "Pirate Tunes for Concertina" has the dots for 70 nice ones! Arghh!☠️
Lovely tunes and playing, Saunders. All new ones for me. Thanks!
Reading this thread I wondered if there might be a German book of accordion sea shanty music. I often find great books of German accordion music. A quick bit of Google Translate and then searching on German Amazon for “seemanslieder akkordeon” finds this book which gets generally good reviews. I am going to order me a copy and will report how I get on!


There is at least one other volume in the series, though it’s currently less readily available. Has what look like song titles maybe more familiar to the Anglophone world.

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